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Gold closed out 1970 at $38.90 an ounce. In 1971 Nixon took the US off the gold standard. Up to that point the dollar was worth 1/35th of the value of an ounce of gold (read a Forbes article on that here.) Other countries soon followed. Gold closed out 2014 at $1199.25 an ounce. You can view current prices in the chart further down this page. With the world debt levels at what they are today gold will continue to shine even as the price fluctuates. A less expensive way to invest in precious metals is by buying silver.
Anyone can purchase gold bullion or gold coins (see chart below). Purity can vary and is a major factor to consider when purchasing. You can have your purchases shipped to you or have them stored. Storage fees can vary just like shipping costs. One can also buy through a gold network marketing company where you pay a premium for your gold but at the same time it gives one the opportunity to earn gold for free.

Another option is to buy gold stocks or invest in gold funds. Gold stocks are more of a play on whether specific companies can find and develope profitable mines but also can offer larger returns on smaller price increases in the value of gold. Gold funds can be based on either bullion or stocks. Again as with stocks a gold fund whose equity is largely based on gold mining stocks will have much wider swings in prices than funds based on gold bullion holdings.

Your last and most exciting option is you can become a gold trader. This means you are basically buying gold and silver at wholesale rates on the world markets. They give you approximately $5. free worth of money and silver bullion to trade with when you open a free account. This allows you to learn the system without committing any of your own funds. You keep this as a bonus if you fund your account. One can buy and sell in quantities as small as 1 gram at a time. Broker charges start at just 1 cent.

For many people you may want to be part of more than one option. For example being a gold trader allows you to earn and take profits by buying and selling in real time at going market rates. However their minimum gold shipping quantity is 100 grams which is more than 3 ounces. So for those wanting to take possession of smaller quantities of bullion in the form of bars, wafers or coins may want to switch some funds into an account with another company when they want to purchase for delivery.
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These companies offer unique options to participate in gold and precious metals markets. JM Bullion (who only ships to the USA), Swiss Gold and Silver Gold Bull are dealers that allow you to purchase gold (starting at 1 gram) and silver in both bullion as well as minted coins. With coins you are almost always paying a premium because of their collectabilty but they usually have a face value as well. An example is the 2015 Canadian Silver Bison coin. It is 1 1/4 ounce of .9999 fine silver and has a currency face value of $8.00. It sells for around a 17% premium to the cost of silver but the face value also sets the absolute minimum value of the coin even if silver was worthless.
2015 Canadian Silver Bison Coin
Below is the front and back of the 99.99% pure 2015, 1 gram gold coin made by the Canadian Mint and available from Silver Gold Bull. These coins are available in singles while supplies last.
2015 Canadian Silver Bison
Safe, secure, worldwide options. Both small and large quantities. Gold & Silver
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1 gram pure gold coin
9999 gold coin
1 Gram Gold Coin. Image Larger than Actual Size
Bullion Vault - Buy and sell gold and other precious metals at market prices.

Questrade - Buy and sell gold stocks and funds as well as bullion.

Silver Gold Bull - Buy and sell gold bullion, coins and wafers and other precious metals.

Swiss Gold - Buy and sell gold bullion, coins and wafers and other precious metals.

Gold Broker - Buy and sell gold bullion, coins and wafers and other precious metals.

JM Bullion - Buy and sell gold bullion, coins and wafers and other precious metals.

KaratBars - Buy and sell gold bullion and wafers and earn by introducing others.
In the below chart you can switch to silver instead of gold, change the chart time frame from 10 minutes to 20 years as well as change the currency to one of 7 choices.
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