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The Karatbars Dual System - Matrix

The dual system is actually very simple. You have 2 legs, a right and a left. One leg of yours should be built by uplines if you have a good sponsor. The other is your responsibility. You then help your signups repeat the process. And no we don't live in a perfect world so there will be people who do nothing. Probably quite a few who don't but that is to be expected in any program or business of this type.

One advantage we have over others is other than the original cost of business packages the rest of their purchases will be gold. So they really aren't spending money. They are simply trading paper money for gold which has its own value. The markup they are paying on the gold is what feeds the business opportunity. The buy back price of the gold is very close to market value so any increases in the price of gold will move you towards profit.

Some MLM marketers say, but there is no residual income so it lessons the value to me for earnings. But that is not the case. True there are no monthly payments to be made but the program is not to just make money but also to buy gold in small quantities, trading cash for gold. Every gram of gold sold creates another unit for all those eligible business members. Also when business members earn $200. or more in one pay period they receive 1 gram of gold and the rest in cash. Earn $1,000. in one pay period and they get 2 grams gold and the balance in cash. These generate more units for more earnings. This goes up to a max of 4 grams in a pay period.

Plus our market is not limited. Anyone with money or who wants to create wealth either wants or needs to hold some gold. Just as house insurance gives a safety net for your home in case of fire etc, gold creates a safety net for your wealth. But unlike home insurance your premiums (gold holdings) do not vanish after a years time.

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Karatbars Mastercard
The sponsor's or in this case my position

This is my left leg which is my responsibility to fill and has over 200 filled positions in it. Much from spillover from my uplines.

This would be where you or whoever signed up first through my links goes.

This would be the position you need to fill (I will assist you in any way I can, I am here to help.) Then help them fill their spots.

These are positions filled by me and any upline spillover from me down to the position holder.

These positions would start filling up from signups that the spillover add to the system.
Dual system cycle bonuses:

A cycle bonus is earned by business package holders every time they reach 50 points in 1 leg and 25 points in their other leg. It does not matter which leg has the 50 in it. Also all unused points are carried forward and never lost until used. The chart below shows what each level of business member earns per cycle. These cycle bonuses go down infinetly so the earnings potential from your network never stops. All the more reason for all team members to help their signups get 2 of their own.
Your earnings are paid to you directly onto your personal Karatbars prepaid debit mastercard. So your earnings are at your fingertips in the least amount of time.