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Why Buy Gold
Gold used to be purchased basically as an investment or hedge against inflation. This would often be in the form of gold stocks, gold funds etc. But in an ever changing world of one financial crisis after another there is a new reason to purchase gold. And we are talking 'gold bullion', not paper gold. That is as insurance for any wealth we have built up. Look at the graph below as to who is purchasing the most gold.
Gold Bullion comes in the form of Bars, Coins and Wafers. With wafers you can purchase gold in quantities of as small as 1 gram. Pure gold is 24ct and because it is such a soft metal the gold in jewelry is less pure. Usually 18ct or less. And because of the impurities you will get a lot lower selling price.

Of note to all gold buyers: Like everything else we purchase if we go to sell gold back to a dealer we will not get the market value for our gold. Dealers are in this to make money as well so when we buy gold we will pay a premium and when we sell gold we will not receive full market value. Therefor if you are buying gold as an investment it would be wise to consult an investment broker beforehand.

How Anyone Can Earn Gold

In our day to day life even without realizing it we are continuously promoting or giving reviews of commerical products and services. I love my so and so car, saw the movie X last night and it was......Love your perfume. Where did you get those shoes? Etc etc. So if you like or love gold enough to buy it for yourself why not put yourself in a position to profit from that and earn yourself gold and money for doing so? If you are buying gold chances are you will know like minded people who would be interested in doing the same, if not now maybe in the future. There are so many reasons everyone should sock away a little gold. Small denominations of wafers like 1 or 2 1/2 grams are ideal.

With our opportunity people can join and participate for free and there are no monthly fees. Free members earn a 0.5% commission on sales of gold and that can increase to as high as 6% when volumes are reached. People can also purchase or later upgrade to business packages that incur one time fees. There are 5 different packages available made to suit a persons desired level of participation. People can also upgrade their packages at any time. The one time package costs will vary slightly with the price of gold. The beginner package is called 'Bronze' and costs approx. $110.00, Silver $315.00, Gold $700.00 and VIP $1780.00. We recommend though you only signup for a Free position so you get some access and read about the company, all your options, the earning potentials and whether this is even for you.

With the packages, you acquire the ability to earn from sales made by all members who fall in your network as well as on your sales. View more on the opportunity here.

The potential is there for anyone to earn a lot of gold.

Do you pay more for gold from us? The answer to that is 'of course'. But nobody else allows you to earn from selling it. Also the smaller the quantities the more you pay on a per ounce basis. But there are small retailers who charge as much as we do. So our prices are not out of line. You will find the purchase and buy back prices on the main site.

So your opportunity with us is instead of purchasing gold, earn it! Work the business make some sales earn some money and use it to buy some gold. And because of cycle bonuses earned by business package owners you are not left to work on your own but as a member of a 'team'. We also work towards building one leg for you making it that much easier for you to succeed.

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