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Work as a free affiliate or purchase a business package for enhanced earnings.

Program Highlights:

- Join free and instantly start having a downline built beneath you from spillover
- No Monthly Fees
- Only 2 legs which allows maximum spillover
- Weekly and monthly payouts
- Cash payouts go directly onto your own Karatbars Master Card
- Store or have your gold sent to you on request
- The products are gold wafers, coins and bars and more. Who doesn't like gold!
- Gold quantities as low as 1 gram (31.3 grams per ounce)
- You can choose the placement of signups. (under either leg or under a designated member)
- 50 units on one side and 25 on the other creates a paying cycle in the dual system
- Unused units are never lost
- Signup for free and never lose your spot. You just simply miss out on any business packages sales
  and earned units until you become a business member yourself.
- 7 income avenues in total
- Build your business on or offline
- A free, no obligation account allows you to get spillover by locking in a position
- take the below tour for more information
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